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Whitening Series You May Interested:


COMPLEXION-6  is a rejuvenation-whitening therapy combining 6 most efficient ingredients which enhance your liver functions, maintain normal metabolism, increase glutathione level (anti-oxidant agent) in your body, rejuvenate your skin cell to a natural and fair complexion.

Benefits: Increase body anti-oxidant level to defence free radical, reduce the production of melanin and lighten skin tone, improve blood circulation, maintain skin's cells function, etc.


COMPLEXION-G (Hithion-Glutathione) helps to inhibit the production of melanin in your body and to detoxification. COM-G contains the branded Halal (JAKIM) certified ingredient - Hithion, the world's recognised L-Glutathione raw material that has been notified to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as GRAS (the indication of safety as a food ingredient); it is skin whitening and other health benefits are tested.

Benefits: Skin brightening and rejuvenation, antioxidation, improve metabolism, detox, etc.


COMPLEXION 6+ with MINI PLASMA  is the advanced dermatologist-developed mixture combines the core whitening ingredients (Com 6+) with additional powerful derma renewal formulation for radiant - the collagen factor "Mini Plasma" to give you desirable youthful-looking and moistures skin. Instant brighten radiant and intensely hydrates, makes your skin texture soft like baby once again.

Benefits: Reduce the production of melanin, increase anti-oxidant level in your body, enhance signalling in skin tissue for collagen production, promote normal skin metabolism, enhance energy level, etc.


ULTIMATE-6 composes the best 6 ingredients founds through our lengthy clinical experiences. Every ingredient and its dosage inside this box has carefully measure in line with prominent dermatological academic research in Taiwan. We insure this ultimate formulation brings out the best whitening effects to your skin, fast-acting treatment that evens skin tone and diminishes dark spots to impart overall radiance and luminosity to the skin.


  • In as little as 2 treatments, 55% of users clinically demonstrated a significant reduction in dark spot intensity.

  • In 6 treatments, 69% of users clinically demonstrated a continued reduction in dark spots intensity and showed a significant reduction in skin discolorations.

  • In 12 treatments, consistently, 87% of users clinically demonstrated more brighter skin tone to deliver break-through clarity.

  • With continued usage, ULTIMATE-6 helps to prevent the formation of future dark melanins and skin discolorations.

Benefits: Increase body anti-oxidant level, improve liver functions, maintain skin's cells function, detox, promote normal metabolism, etc.

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