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Restore your skin vitality with concentrated nutrients.


Replenish Your Skin


Reduce Melanocyte 


Have More Energy 


Lower Toxic Burden

All Skin Type 

Experience the beauty of brighter, radiant, and flawless skin with Complexion-6's exquisite collection of whitening products. Despite busy schedules, sun exposure, and chronic stress, your skin doesn't have to feel defeated or depleted anymore. We understand that living a healthy lifestyle and avoiding the sun can be challenging, especially for those dealing with chronic illness.

That's where our revolutionary intravenous therapy comes in. By directly delivering vitamins, nutrients, and healing products into your bloodstream, our therapy ensures up to 100% absorption. Unlike oral supplements, which may have limited tolerability, our intravenous approach allows for higher, therapeutic doses.

Whether you're looking to whiten your skin, enhance your immune system, eliminate toxins, or simply give yourself a much-needed boost to conquer the week, we have the perfect IV treatment for you. Our products and ingredients are designed to revitalize your skin's appearance, leaving it visibly smooth, firm, and youthful. Most importantly, they provide a radiant and whitening effect, allowing you to achieve your best skin ever.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

High-Quality Ingredients


We hand-select only the highest-quality

ingredients to ensure safety and efficacy.

And we custom-make each IV daily so only

the freshest ingredients are going into your

body. Benefits include clearer thinking,

more energy, and enhanced detoxification.

Maximum Absorption

IV infusion allows nutrients and other

products to go directly into the blood.

By bypassing your digestive tract, which

may be compromised, we ensure the

nutrients get where they need to go –

to your blood, tissues, and cells.

Highest Safety Standards


Caring for users is always our top priority.

All individual product inside our packaging

are produced under regulated pharma-

ceutical scheme. We do the appropriate

testing and monitoring to ensure our

product is safe for you. And we use only

pure, undiluted ingredients in each product.


  Ultimate-6 is now discontinued  

What is Whitening Drip ?

Fair and bright skin is not a measure of beauty but flawless and nourished skin is.

Whitening drip is formulating specific vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients that beautify your skin. This cocktail of nutrients is administered directly into your vein through intravenous. As the ingredients goes direct into your bloodstream, nutrients and whitening factor is fully absorbed, results are visible more rapidly compare to those taken orally and topically.

Whitening drip become a modern life-style lately, not only for skin lightening but to restore vitality. One of the important ingredients of this drip is vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) which is a strong antioxidant that helps improve the skin condition. It also has anti-ageing benefits that helps repair and rejuvenate the skin. Another crucial ingredient is glutathione, a great skin booster that gives great results in improving skin tone and texture. These substances naturally present in our body, an additional dose infused can be easily absorbed and enhance the overall skin and health conditions.

What our user says about us?



"Complete 1 course in three week, the result is significant and I love it!"

Julia Chen, KL


“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quotes has a powerful effect on customers and makes them trust you.”

Jasmine Jalel, KL

"Before and after as completed the 4th treatments (1 box), I can definitely see dark spots on the face is reduce."

Eva, France


"I can see my scars diminished and more even toning on my skin."

Ayana Fotana, Cote d'ivoire

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