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1. Product description:


COMPLEXION 6 (C6) is a classic yet mandatory rejuvenation therapy for skin complexion through intravenous dripping which combining the 6 most efficient ingredients for your skin. Com 6 containing Ginkgo Biloba & Piracetam, Tranexamic Acid, Vitamin C, B12, B-Complex and Thioctic Acid. Giving your skin the best anti-oxidant agent to lighten the skin tone and reduce the regenerative of melanin.


COMPLEXION 6+ with MINI PLASMA,  an advanced science by dermatologist-developed mixture combines the core whitening ingredients Com 6+ with additional powerful derma renewal formulation for radiant, the collagen factor “Mini Plasma” to generate youthful-looking and moistures skin. Instant brighten radiant and intensely hydrates, suitable for all skin types, turning your skin texture soft like baby once again.

Xenoplacenta (XP) xenographic placenta is a medicinal substance extracted from healthy maternal animal by crossed species with a patented bio-therapy extraction technique. XP contains more than 8000 kinds of useful materials and 270 autologous enzymes within it can be named. XP improves your skin elasticity and texture, enhance the regenerative of collagen, promote hormones balance and more.



2. Q: What are the ingredients? How many set per box?


COMPLEXION 6: ( 4-times treatment per box )

Vitamin C (20ml)                                   

N-acetylcysteine (3ml)             

Glutathione (1500mg)                 

Tranexamic Acid (5ml)                                

Vitamin B-12 (2ml)       

B-complex (2ml)          

C6+ MINI PLASMA: ( 3-times treatment per box )

Albumino 5% (10ml)

Glutathione (1250mg)

Vitamin C (5ml)


3. Q: Where is COMPLEXIŌNE’s products origins and manufactured from?


Answer: All COMPLEXIŌNE products’ ampoules are made in TAIWAN; manufactured by Y.Y. Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and S.G. Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Taiwan TFDA, CGMP & PICS certified manufacturer).



4. Q: How to make purchase? How to track my purchased parcel?



You may now purchase COMPLEXIŌNE products at and pay with our online payment options. Once your order is verified we shall provide you the shipping receipt. All nationwide shipping charges are free. 

*Customer outside of Malaysia please contacts us directly.



5. Q: Can I use only one product, just Com 6, XP or just Com 6+?


Answer: Yes you can. It is not necessary for you to consume all or administrate all together; you can use any single COMPLEXIŌNE product alone by choosing the ingredients that you want. You may also seek our guidance and suggestion in order to achieve your desirable results.



6. Q: How frequent should I take the COMPLEXION 6 and 6+?


Answer: 1~2 times a week, with interval of minimum 2 days. It is not advise to use both COMPLEXION-6 & 6+ together. Too many substances at once will burden your liver and possibly create shock to your body.  


You may rotate COMPLEXION-6 & 6+ by alternate session. Please ask your doctor for your course of therapy. Do read the instruction printed on the packaging.


We suggest to administrate the XP together with Com 6+. One ampoule of XP each session; Or, you may administrate the XP by I.M, please seek advice from your doctor or therapist.


For usage of other products not showing here, please direct message or email to us.



7. Q: How many times of dripping considered as 1 course of therapy?


Answer: Suggest continuing the treatment for 2 months as 1 course of therapy. (2~4 boxes; Please ask your doctor for your course of therapy. Do read the instruction printed on the packaging).



8. Q: How soon can I see the result?


Answer: COMPLEXION 6 & C6+ is a formulation designed by doctors and physicians targeting to improves skin and health qualities. The period that result taking place is different from 1 individual to another. Common skin would see the result of nourish and moisture in 1~2 boxes. And, less freckle and whiter tone after 3~4 boxes. **Contact us for best usage direction.**



9. Q: How to use Com 6 & Com 6+? Can I drip it by myself?


Answer: COMPLEXION 6 must be performing through intravenous dripping (I.V) and COMPLEXION 6+ can be used through I.V or I.M. You need to appoint your own doctor, nurse or therapist to perform the dripping on you. Please contact us for servicing point referral.



10. Q: Is COMPLEXIŌNE products safe? How do I verify?


Answer: COMPLEXIŌNE believes that customer safety always comes first. All ampoules in the boxes of COMPLEXIŌNE whitening series are produced under TFDA certified and cGMP complied manufacturer in Taiwan. User can verify the license of each ampoule by log into



11. Q: Is COMPLEXION 6 a registered product?

Answer: COMPLEXION-6 products is consumer product with combination of different ampoules; each item has to be register individually with local authority. Meanwhile, all ampoules in Com 6 are registered in Taiwan Health Department only.



12. Q: Is there any side effect using COMPLEXIŌNE whitening products?


Answer: An allergy to its ingredients is rare, but it might occur if your immune system overreacts. Allergy symptom typically develop within few minutes after ingesting of the substance and mostly appear on skin, such like rashes, hives or tingling during treatment, notify your doctor or therapist immediately and drink large volume of water.


13. Q: What I shouldn’t do after taking COMPLEXION 6 & 6+ dripping?


Answer: Do not eat seafood especially those with shell, such like shrimp and crab. Consumed high-iron food together with Vitamin C can cause serious Arsenic Poisoning. Reduced taking of cigarette and alcohol could help to prolong to effectiveness of COMPLEXION 6 & 6+.



14. Q: Who shouldn’t use COMPLEXION 6 or 6+ dripping?


Answer: Person with major illness such like Diabetes, Vascular disease, Kidney disease, Heart attack, etc. Women who are either pregnant or plan to conceive or under breast-feeding are NOT allow using this treatment either.



15. Q: Is COMPLEXION 6 and COMPLEXION 6+ ships worldwide?


Answer: YES. We use DHL and EMS (different rate applied) and we ships wherever they go. Local custom clearance is to be handled by customer.


* Is this FAQ answer your entire query? If no, please leave us a message instead.

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