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What we gives you in our Glutathione?

You have always heard about the name Glutathione, you may know it is a natural substance that found in our body, but why do we need additional? and why we emphasise that OPITAC is the best source of Glutathione? Here we taking you on a short tour to find out about it, also about Complexion-G.

For nearly a half century, KOHJIN Life Sciences, a Mitsubishi Corporation Group Company, has been a global leader in the research and development of L-Glutathione (GSH), the tripeptide found in every human cell that promotes cell health and regeneration, and which the body loses over time, accelerating the aging process and putting health and immunity at risk. Before KOHJIN’s groundbreaking work, science knew only this about GSH, and suspected there was no recourse from that inevitable decline. Then, in 2013, KOHJIN showed, through peer-reviewed clinical research, that glutathione could be successfully supplemented by oral intake, and that it will enter the system, intact, to supplement the body’s own reserves.

Since then, medical health experts and educated consumers alike have come to recognize the importance of glutathione to the maintenance of overall health, and the part it plays in strengthening the body's immune defenses, scouring the blood of free radicals, enhancing endurance, and improving skin. In light of the rebirth of interest in this ingredient, KOHJIN has given its proprietary formulation a new name and look. Now KOHJIN Glutathione is OPITAC, and new packaging and logo tell its story.

The name OPITAC derives from its major capacities—optimizing health and arriving intact in the system to support the body’s own store of glutathione. Before 2013’s breakthrough clinical proof, it was understood that the body’s protection from toxicity was borne mainly by the liver, and that the depletion of glutathione contributed to that organ’s functional decline. It is now understood that stores of glutathione can be augmented by endogenous means, lessening the burden placed on the liver and optimizing its leading role in immune defense.

The bold, multicolored cross that serves as the logo for OPITAC represents that potential for protection. The cross has always been a symbol of strength and fortification, and here it’s divided by color and quadrant to stand for its support against stress, UV radiation, aging, toxins, and more; resulting in enhanced liver health, resistance to fatigue, and vital, rejuvenated skin tone.

Finally, there is the color red, which is part of the longtime global brand identity of KOHJIN’s parent corporation, Mitsubishi. According to the company, it also stands for health, vigor, and for the very flesh and blood that sustain life and allow people to remain active.

OPITAC is the same KOHJIN Glutathione that has been recognized around the world.

KOHJIN Glutathione hasn’t changed, but the world’s recognition of its value, and clinical proof of its effectiveness, is putting it in a new light. For this new appearance on the world’s stage, and for the increasingly important part it will play in the daily maintenance of health and longevity going forward, KOHJIN is proud to present OPITAC with a new look, for a new era.

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