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Product Description (Cyto-6 & NCKX’5 Exchanger)


Cyto-6 is a form of advance stem cell factor (SCF or Cytokine receptor CD117) engineered by Fraunhofer Biomedical Institute in Germany. Fraunhofer Institute redefine the clinical stem cell therapy by optimise standardisation in cell culture techniques, SCF is part of its bio-engineer patented formulation. Cyto-6 stem cell factor is plants-derived, mainly from two botanical extracts Selenicereus Grandiflorus and Annona Muricata. Leading molecular genetics and nano technologies in Fraunhofer Institute facilitate the Cyto-6 stem cell factor proximate to human natural SCF and is the only form of bio-factor which can be applied vivo and exerting stem cell activation.


Rare species night blooming queen, the Selenicereus Granfiflorus has long experimentation history since 1890 in herbal medicinal studies. Its best biologic influence are heart-cardiovascular system and nervous system. It also exerts good influence on lungs-respiratory system and the female reproductive cycle, especially in menopausal and premenstrual times. Researchers later declare its additional ability to strengthen heart muscle and action to alleviate heart pain caused by cardiovascular event (MI, stroke), blockage of arteries, and chronic debilitation (tobacco heart). Its effects are noticeable and enduring.


Annona Muricata the fairy fruit of god, commonly known as Graviola is the super antioxidant properties keep our cells healthy by hunting disease-causing free radicals in the body and destroying them. Its plant compound active ingredient (phytochemical) annonaceous acetogenins has anti-inflammatory properties that may relieve pain, lower blood sugar, lower BP, prevent ulcers and scientists now use it to kill some types of liver and breast cancer cells.


NCKX'5 Exchanger is patented bio-engineered formulation invented by Fraunhofer Biomedical Institute (Deutsch) in which it is used to suppress the biologic activities of NCKX5 gene (also known as SLC24A5 gene) interfering the melanocyte activation. NCKX5 is a gene composed with 396 amino acid molecules stationed in chromosome-15 inside our DNA; scientific studies reveal high activation of NCKX5 gene cause high activation of melanocyte, further lead to rapid production of melanin and gives our skin the dark tones. 


Caucasian has widely known to have low NCKX5 gene activities compare to other ethnics. Fraunhofer begin to test on different protein in caucasian body since 2005 looking to find the feasible pair of proteins that answer to NCKX5 gene. NCKX’5 Exchanger consist of GDF-101 that reducing melanin’s secretion, ideally inhibit specific melanin’s chemical pathway to interfere only skin pigmentation but not to others. Stage-3 clinical trial been carried out in 2014, miraculous results observed but more importantly it doesn’t cause albinism or any other side effect. 


NCKX’5 Exchanger scientifically tested to prove its ability as melanocyte suppressant. Effectively inhibit the activities in SLC24A5 gene inside our DNA and efficaciously brings out a lighter skin tone genetically. 



Complexion NCKX’5 Exchanger is chemical defined formulation first introduced by Fraunhofer Biomedical Institute to Europe countries for ultimate whitening application. Administering NCKX’5 Exchanger along with Cyto-6 stem cell factor is clinically tested for derma biologic reaction and shown ideal result in skin brightening, prevalently welcomed by Europe African. 


Cyto-6 SFC promote cells differentiation and replication in general, includes reactivation of MSC, HSC & IPSC; NCKX’5 Exchanger formulated as intense and hybrid melanocyte suppressant to reduce melanogenesis. These dual indicated following benefits:


  • restrain melanogenesis (formation of melanin)
  • brighter skin radiant 
  • restore skin elasticity & tenderness
  • reduce in freckles & blotch 
  • improve & stimulate cells activation
  • promote regeneration of proteins to restore normal functions
  • repair neuron cells & cognitive abilities
  • prevent ageing & chronic diseases




Each box contains-

4 ampoules of Cyto-6 SFC (10ml/amp), and 

6 ampoules of NCKX’5 Exchanger (10ml/amp)



Each ampoule (10ml) contains:

Cyto-6 Stem Cell Factor Ampoule

Selenicereus Grandiflorus extracts  5000mcg

Annona Muricata extracts                3000mcg


NCKX’5 Exchanger Ampoule

Peptide GDF-101 UWE-S  6000mcg

Edelweiss Stem Extract    250 mcg
Edelweiss Flower Extract  250 mcg



Apply Complexion NCKX’5 Exchanger directly or dilute with solution (saline 50-100ml). Dosage is various to individual; please seek physician/therapist’s advise to prescribe.

Usage suggestion: begin with one Cyto-6 for day one and subsequent day with one NCKX’5 Exchange for the following two days; repeat and continue the same sequence, end the course of treatment with last ampoule of Cyto-6. 



Pregnancy, lactating women and those who are hypersensitive to plant derivatives are advised not to use this product.

NCKX'5 Exchanger

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